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Maysoun Khattan

Kindergarten Teacher 

B.S., Certificate in Early Childhood Development

Ustathah Maysoun Khattan is a loving and caring teacher with a passion to teach younger students. She has a certificate in Child Development and 13 years of teaching experience with this age in Minaret Saturday school. In addition to that she has


a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Syria. Ustathah Maysoun has been teaching at Al-Ansar Academy for the past seven years. Her goal is to

ensure that her students learn the correct Makharej-al-Horoof . She has a talent in getting kids interested in the Arabic language and Islamic Studies by showing them educational videos and other visuals. She makes an effort to instill the love of

Qur’an and Salat in her students. Also, etiquettes of the Masjid and good manners of Islam to our student here at Al-Ansar Academy.

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