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About Al-Ansar Academy 

Mission: Our Mission is to provide exceptional, holistic education in a unique environment which nurtures great intellectual, physical, moral and character development in children and youth while serving the community with an affordable educational institution. 

Vision: Our vision is to coach and nurture generations of academically and morally strong Americans who will become contributing adults in their local community as well as the larger society. We expect our students to become life time learners and practice the following traits in their lives now and in future: Responsibility, Respectfulness, Safety.


Our Focus: NAWM (Nurturing, Absolute Whole Muslims), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), Common Core Standards.                                                                                                                     

Our Guiding Principals

  1. Instill a deep love of life time learning by teaching essential knowledge and broad skills through a rigorous, purposefully selective, and cognitively appropriate academic and religious curriculum with emphasis on teachings from the Qur’an and Sunnah along with a strong knowledge base in English Language, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

  2. Inspire children by connecting with their cultures, language, and fostering their natural curiosity, creativity, and maximum potential by knowing and considering each child’s skill level, gifts, interests, challenges, and background.

  3. Integrate intellectual, moral and character development by going beyond explicit instruction, modelling exemplary behaviors, ethics, and individually mentoring students to achieve social and occupational success in USA.

  4. Provide a safe environment where passionate professionalism is demonstrated in the daily routines by our trained staff, who strives to make schooling a joyous and meaningful learning experience in a unique way where students feel they belong.

Why Al-Ansar Academy? 

Al-Ansar Academy provides a supportive, engaging and challenging education for every student. With small class sizes, and customized programs to meet every students needs, standard-based instruction and materials will be used to promote high levels of student learning in academic areas that include Arabic, the Holy Qur’an, Math, English, the arts, Sciences, technology and vocational skills. Students, staff and the larger community will work together to develop an environment where Islam is celebrated. These opportunities will promote supportive, engaging and challenging avenues that will lead students toward rewarding careers, life-long learning, a successful quality of life, and Insha allah, Paradise.

Letter from the Principal 

Welcome to Al-Ansar Academy. It is my pleasure to be part of this school with its outstanding students, parents, and staff. Our talented teaching staff continually demonstrates a commitment to educate our students. By working together we can make sure our school is the perfect place for a positive education. Stay involved, attend school regularly, and actively participate in your education. Best wishes

S. Javeed, Principal

Meet Our Teachers

Ghazala Rahman


Islamic Studies

Quran Teacher

Nasir Jiwa 

1st grade

Arabic Instructor 

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